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Travelling with a group has a number of advantages. Everything is arranged in advance with no worries about planning things like accommodation, sightseeing and possibly where to eat or what to see. You usually travel with like minded people with whom you may well continue a friendship long after the tour has ended. There is tour escort or guide who can help with any emergencies and be of general assistance.

Basic Optimal Fitness

Mountain Adventure Holiday

Location Northern Montenegro
Nearest Airports Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik
Airport Transfer Available on your request
Accommodation Boutique hotels, eco villages, 4* and 5* stars hotels
Group Size Up to 20 people
Instructors English speaking and certified guides/instructors


Don’t worry if you have never done an adventure tour before, we will ensure that the package is tailored to your needs.

Dream up your exclusive travel experience and we’ll bring it to life

Your benefits

Service & Value

Service & Value

  • Small groups
  • Leading Montenegrin tour guides
  • Unique accommodation


  • Programs for different levels of physical condition
  • Trained and certified advisers and Complete focus on you
  • Corporate retreats to boost your team spirit


  • Meet the country from an angle of the locals
  • Breathtaking nature in the heart of Europe
  • Place where Mediterranean and Oriental cultures meet

Mindful holidays

Wellbeing & corporate holidays in Montenegro

Mindful Holidays cooperates with renowned experts in the field of physical culture from Montenegro and the region. Our allies are exceptional managers and tour operators with years of experience working in Montenegro. They take great pleasure in guiding our guest through the wonders of our beautiful contry and showing them Montenegro from a local's perspective.

For all the above mentioned activities, the Agency has all necessary permits and licenses issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro.