Our Philosophy


Our Company

Founded by a former international manager who blended his business expertise, private insights and passion for his home country to build a wellness platform which gathers small groups of like-minded people from all over the world under one Mediterranean roof. Mindful Holidays aims to provide all their guests with an unforgettable experience that fuses light physical activity with getting to know the most charming Mediterranean county - it’s centuries-old culture and it’s warm, friendly people - from the exclusive seats. Here at Mindful Holidays we strive to become an ideal seamless instrument for creating long lasting memories you will bring home from Montenegro, wishing to return once again.The agency collaborates with top physical health experts, seasoned tour guides and renowned travel organizers - all English speaking locals - who will show you the wonders of Montenegro through the prism of local folks.
For all aforementioned activities, the agency has obtained all working licences and permissions issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro.



Success is powered by healthy habits and a well-balanced approach to life’s many challenges. Our ultimate goal is for you to meet the wonders of Montenegro’s wild beauty through the eyes of locals, while balancing your body and soul in one of our private as well as corporate wellbeing programs.

Our distinguished guest from all over the world often lead stressful, face-paced lives so we made it our mission to help them relax, refresh and recharge in a place where the Mediterranean’s allure meets celebrated oriental wellness practices.