We want your experiences to be three things: authentic, stress-free, and personalized.

That's why private tours are instrumental in turning an ordinary holiday into a lifelong memory!

Montenegro has plenty to offer when it comes to adrenalin infused activities such as parachuting, a helicopter or horseback riding. Pure hedonists might go down for a wine tasting tour or learn to make traditional Mediterranean meals with authentic ingredients. For nature-lovers we happily organize open sea and lake cruising, kayaking, hiking & trekking excursions they will write home about.

If what your heart desires is somehow not on the list, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

Wine Tasting Tour

A must-go for those who love their wine with a touch of soul and history.

Did you know that Montenegro is home to one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe? Cemovsko polje covers over 2,300 hectares of hills surrounding lake Skadar. Two autochthone types of grapes - "vranac" for red and "krstac" for white wine - have been growing here since the 4th century BC. Unique geographical condition encircling vineyards is combined with the Mediterranean's mild climate, making the soil remarkably fertile.

It was the Illyrians who first thought of growing grapes in Montenegro. A wise decision, given it was over 6000 years ago. Not long after, the Romans spread their knowledge of turning grapes into wine, and as they say - the rest is history.

Montenegro is also a home to 111 boutique wineries, out of which majority is family-run. Each family takes great pride in their fine liquor,  first introducing guests to the history and blend of each product, then giving wine-lovers sufficient time to savor the flavors. The melody and verse of antique wine cellars are intertwined with homemade food delicacies and beautiful lush valleys in each direction.

Discovering Montenegro is best done by discovering its tastes and aromas. Start with Montenegrin wines. They are as good as Italian.


If you've never experienced the thrill of free falling 120 miles per hour from 12.000 feet, the time has come for you to cross it off the bucket list.

Contrary to popular opinion, skydiving isn’t about wrestling against the tide. It's about relaxing into the relative wind that pushes against you. The adrenalin rush that defines the skydiving ceremony has many positive effects on your body: it keeps you focused, stress-free and sharpens your primal instincts. The air transforms into a cushion from the moment you jump until the parachute opens.

There's no feeling of powerlessness or of losing control. Skydiving perfectly compliments your idea of a wellness-inspired holiday as you'll discover new found inner peace while watching the Earth spread out in front of you like an old map. The sensation is often described as an intense outdoor meditation.

Tandem-jump is the best option for beginners. For seasoned jumpers, there's plenty of high-level options. The airplane lifts off from Podgorica or Tivat Airport and sails above the most picturesque parts of Montenegro, providing you with unlimited views of Mediterranean coastline, soaring mountain ridges, and verdant national parks. This experience will forever change you.

Once you conquer skydiving, you'll soon realize there's nothing you can't master. It would be our privilege to support you on this journey.

Sailing Tour

Montenegro is embellished with a 290 kilometers long coastline and, much like its northern neighbor Croatia, proves to be a true sailing heaven.

This small coastal European country offers excellent weather condition for sailing - over 250 days of sunshine and typical Mediterranean wind conditions. If you should travel from west to east: Herceg Novi, the Perast twin Islands, Porto Montenegro, Kotor, Budva, and Sveti Stefan are beautiful places to be discovered from the comfort of a sailboat. Along the way, you'll witness exciting landscapes and alluring Mediterranean sceneries - ancient fishing villages melting with UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Montenegro has over 70 kilometers of beaches, but the most beautiful ones are hidden from view. Sailing will grant you access to Adriatic's best beaches for swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing. And that's not even the best part! With Croatia being just around the corner from Herceg Novi, you can visit two countries in one day.

The swooshing and splashing of water, the rhythmic movement of the sailboat and the sound of the wind in the sails will bring calm and clarity to your senses. Much like meditation, sailing soothes a busy and highly stressed-out mind. If you believe that -

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - you must not ignore the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean coast like medieval explorers did centuries ago - from a sailing vessel.

Photography Tour

Taking photos helps us document some of life's biggest and brightest moments so we can savor them forever.

Most memorable moments usually don't grant us the opportunity to take notice of all aspects of their beauty. After all, a purple Mediterranean sunset only lasts a couple of minutes. The play of colors reflecting a Venetian fisherman village on crystal waters of Kotor Bay, or graceful curves of the majestic Lovcen mountain at sundown, demand to be experienced in person, then immortalized with a stunning photo.

Montenegro is probably one of the most "instagramable" countries in the world. In just a few dozen square miles, you'll discover golden beaches, three national parks, UNESCO world heritage sites, spectacular vineyards and much more.

Photography is a well-known de-stressor that navigates our sometimes turbulent thoughts toward something so simple as gracefulness and resilience of a wildflower. Taking photos lowers our blood pressure, keeps us centered, relaxed and in tune with our surroundings. During the tour, we'll keep a relaxed pace with plenty of time for individual exploration.

Contact us and we'll design a perfect scenic photography tour that will have a special place in your book of memories.

Horseback Riding

A highlight of your trip to Montenegro!

Many people find companionship and much-needed solace while riding a horse. Especially in yawning landscapes of northern Montenegro - lush, colorful and fertile. Imagine a perfect morning ride, drifting through yellow meadows brimming with wild berries under a gently warming sun. Far away from bustling roads, through mysterious valleys and soaring mountains, following the ancient tracks, you will discover or renew your passion for horses. 

The views are breathtaking, especially in the mountains, so aside from planning your trip and giving you basic training, we will provide you with reliable safety gear, helmets, protectors, chaps, gloves and much more. The horses are very comfy, charming, friendly, elegant, well trained and nurtured. Our trail leaders are full of exciting stories and information about the local area, history, and culture.

For beginners, we recommend a fun day of trekking through the hills, dense forests and lush meadows with some trotting practice thrown in when comfortable. Experienced riders can choose from a variety of multiday tours, with food, and excursions to magnificent natural and manmade monuments included. You'll have ample time to get to know your horse before you experience enormous satisfaction, physical and mental fitness powered by horseback riding in the open countryside.

We can’t wait to make it happen for you!

Coulinary Tour

Coulinary Tour

There's only a handful of places on Earth where they greet foreigners with such genuine warmth and hospitality as they do in the Balkans.

It's true what they say - Rakija connects people, but wait till you try kajmak, slatko or seafood buzara. Thanks to centuries of diverse cultural influences and its unique geographic location, Montenegro's cuisine is one of the most versatile in the world. It's a place where Mediterranean's seafood delicacies are married with slips of homemade goat cheese with smoked prosciutto, then followed by a glass of opulent red wine.

Are you ready for a gastronomic journey that will make your taste buds leap for joy? We know all the right places. Montenegro invites you to discover its flavors like a true hedonist - by getting your hands dirty with golden olive oil, fresh mountain herbs, organic vegetables, dairy, and meat. A cooking class with the local master chef will reveal to you the essence of Montenegro which will forever change your Sunday lunch menu.

Imagine serving your close friends with something as exotic as an award-winning Njegus steak - a veal or pork schnitzel filled with Njegusi prosciutto and cheese, served with a dollop of melting kajmak, a homemade cream cheese.

If this makes your mouth water, know that we can turn this gastronomical fantasy into a reality.

Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

There are certain panoramas that can only be witnessed at 10.000 feet altitude.

Moments like cruising over the biggest habitat of pelicans in Southern Europe, nesting over Skadar lake. If you've appreciated Montenegro's coastline, national parks, vineyards and natural wonders from the land, it's time to break the typical and see them from the air!

A helicopter ride is the most exciting method of savoring the best of Montenegro's wanders in just a few hours. We promise nothing comes close to birds-eye views of the biggest cryptodepression lake in Europe, two UNESCO protected national parks and the most beautiful cobalt fjord-bay in the world. Did you know that Tara canyon is second in size only to the Colorado canyon? We'll fly you over it. Natural wonders are not limited to northern Montenegro, they're spread to Mediterranean coastline, its historic landmarks like Lovcen and Kotor. With each minute the landscape will change, from turquoise mountain rivers cutting through lush mountain ridges, back to the splendid Mediterranean coast and high-end Porto Montenegro.

Unlike a classic guided tour, a helicopter tour is a very private tour that normally only includes a few people. You're not attached to a big group that dictates your experience. You are the artistic director of the scenic tour, all you need to do is choose the best route and bring your camera on board.

Having a whole country at your fingertips is a rare episode in life, make sure the batteries are full and we’ll handle the rest. Book now!

Wellbeing and travelling

Wellbeing & corporate holidays in Montenegro

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Service & Value

Service & Value

  • Small groups
  • Leading Montenegrin tour guides
  • Unique accommodation


  • Programs for different levels of physical condition
  • Trained and certified advisers and Complete focus on you
  • Corporate retreats to boost your team spirit


  • Meet the country from an angle of the locals
  • Breathtaking nature in the heart of Europe
  • Place where Mediterranean and Oriental cultures meet

Mindful holidays

Wellbeing & corporate holidays in Montenegro

Mindful Holidays cooperates with renowned experts in the field of physical culture from Montenegro and the region. Our allies are exceptional managers and tour operators with years of experience working in Montenegro. They take great pleasure in guiding our guest through the wonders of our beautiful contry and showing them Montenegro from a local's perspective.

For all the above mentioned activities, the Agency has all necessary permits and licenses issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro.