We know every corner, hidden beach and olive tree in montenegro. Now it’s your turn.

Pause. Undo. Unwind.

What if we told you there’s no need to give up on comfort and luxury to find inner-peace and reconnect with mother nature. Situated in a harmonious mountain or coastal high-end resort, imagine saluting the Sun under a 300-year-old fig tree as mistral brings rich Mediterranean aromas to your senses. Out meticulously designed Yoga retreat will quell the fluctuations of the mind, strengthen your core and rejuvenate you from within. Montenegro's well-known hospitality, its pristine landscapes, and vibrant cuisine will only add to the flavor.

Why Montenegro?

Good things come in small packages. And Montenegro is no exception to the rule. This charming Mediterranean country - the size of Bahamas - shares the same majestic seashore with Croatia but proves less-crowded and more authentic. With 5 national parks covering 10% of its land, a 295 km long pristine coastline, a plethora of antique Venetian villages and UNESCO protected walled cities - Montenegro will exceed all your expectations. Culturally molded for centuries by Romans, Venetians, Greeks, and Slavs, “The Black Mountain” is something of a mystery to the wider world.
We now invite you to discover it.

Discover Montenegro

Personalize your Experience

We want your experiences to be three things: authentic, stress-free, and personalized. That's why private tours are instrumental in turning an ordinary holiday into a lifelong memory! Montenegro has plenty to offer when it comes to adrenalin infused activities such as parachuting, a helicopter or horseback riding. Pure hedonists might go down for a wine tasting tour or learn to make traditional Mediterranean meals with authentic ingredients. For nature-lovers we happily organize open sea and lake cruising, kayaking, hiking & trekking excursions they will write home about. If what your heart desires is somehow not on the list, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

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